Jeweled crown tutorial

Every little girl wants to be a princess right? Or at least wear the crown.

To make this jeweled crown I started with basic shaded head croquis.I have them here free.

g1Then using a reference photo, I sketched the basic shape of the crown. I then added white dots of watered down acrylic over the sketch.

head drawingWhile the paint is still wet, use grey watercolor or watered down acrylic paint to add grey dots into the white. The two colors will run together,that’s OK! It will give a whimsical effect to the crown.

g3While the paint is still wet I took a graphite mechanical pencil and pulled the paint around to outline the shape of the crown. Next I used undiluted white acrylic paint to add larger white dots to look like jewels, and smaller black dots around them to look like bezels. At this  point the paint has ran and smudged together a little more.

whimsical crownDone!


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